4 Ways to Get More Out of Recruitment Agencies

If you have decided that part of your recruitment model involves working with the Wildlings, sorry, recruitment agencies then there are a few things you should do to get the most out of it.

1.)   Train Your Recruitment Consultants

They are going to represent you to candidates. Don’t just have one conversation with them and send them into the wilderness to go hunting. They aren’t ready. Remember when Simba ran off to the Elephant’s Graveyard and Mufasa had to go and save him? Well you’re Mufasa. Save yourself the time and effort of saving Simba. Teach Simba. Teach him all about your company, the history, where you are going (the vision), the financials, new products or services - everything Simba needs to know to sell the opportunity of working at your company to a candidate. Also, let them know how you want to be portrayed as an employer. Are you fun? Cutting Edge? Leaders in the field? Well they need to know what you want the message to be. 

2.)   Evaluation and (actual) Management of your PSL

Dust off the old PSL spreadsheet – it’s time that thing got an overhaul. Many companies have a spreadsheet created around the same time as Excel that only gets any airtime when they want to put a big red highlight over the latest recruiter to have annoyed them. It’s probably saved somewhere near the mummified remains of your original terms and conditions. I’d advise that you closely monitor the performance of your agencies. The simplest way is with a quarterly or bi-annual review of their conversion statistics. How many roles have they worked on, how many CV’s have they submitted, for how many 1st interviews, for how many 2nd interviews, for how many offers. Also worth keeping tabs on retention stats - but this is more a reflection of your company and interview skills than their service. Keep an eye on their performance, ditch the low performers, recognise the high performers and the quality of you candidates will go up while your time to hire goes down. 

3.)   Respect Their Time


“But I’m the client!”. Shhh, we are all ‘the client’ to someone. We’ve all got to make a livin’. Be respectful of the time and effort the recruitment consultants have put in. Try to be as punctual as possible with decisions and give them useful feedback on candidates (good or bad). Good candidates don’t stay on the market for long and it is often us taking too long to get back to agencies that causes problems (one of the rare times I will defend them).

4.)   Divide and Conquer

Too many recruiters spoil the broth. Limit the number of agencies working on a role to 2 or 3. Any more and candidates will be contacted loads of times about the same job and this can make you look a little desperate. Also, if there is too much competition on the role you will find that their efforts will go to a client with less agencies per role. You can end up with several agencies kind of working on it, it's better to have 2 or 3 trying really hard. Having a PSL for specific departments will help manage this.

So there’s a few quick wins for working with recruitment agencies. They get a bad rep (and rightly so for the most part) but if you take the time to properly manage them you can end up with a very skilled PSL to compliment your team. Or you could just talk to us and we will help you get rid of the need for them.

“Look Simba, everything the light touches is our Kingdom.”