Build Your Employer Brand and Lower Recruitment Costs

If I offered you higher quality candidates at a lower cost you’d take it right? What if I offered you the same thing but it took a little bit of effort on your part? Still game? Read on and I’ll outline a couple of quick wins to help you get the ball rolling.

We're going fishing:

And your company is the bait. More specifically your company’s ‘Employer Brand’. This is what you offer to current and potential employees. The tastier the bait, the more fish you will catch*. So we need to build the brand, make it easy for candidates to see this and then make it simple for them to show their interest. Nom nom nom.

Social Media:

A lot of companies have a really clear corporate brand. They know who they are, why people should be interested in their products or services and have a solid communication strategy to potential clients or customers. The best candidates will be interested in companies who have a strong corporate and employer brand (i.e. the whole package).

The problem is that many companies lack strategy on building the employer part of their brand. Social Media is a great tool for this. Treat it the same way you treat your corporate marketing. You don't just post repeatedly about your products or services (hopefully) but create interesting/engaging/thought provoking content to share. Exactly the same applies for candidates. Don't contstantly post 'We Are Hiring for XXX' style posts. Won an award? Got a video from an event? If not you create some interesting material yourself – like an article on the day in the life of a Sales Manager or an Interview with the CEO, basically anything that will be interesting and memorable to potential candidates.

Work out a content plan for sharing these types of posts. Look at automation software like Hootsuite or Buffer. You can preload content to go out at specific times to save you having to remember. If you have a marketing department, get them involved. It works much better as part of the whole strategy. 

Careers Page – make is easy to use and fun to be on:

Make it simple and easy to navigate. Job seekers don’t spend a whole lot of time researching anymore. Recruitment agencies and the one-click apply job boards have seen to that. Make sure it is easy for the potential candidates to find the sections relevant to them. This can be easily done with filters sector, department and location.

Your careers page is another chance to interact with potential candidates. You should aim to reinforce the message you have started to spread on social media about how great you are. A picture is worth a thousand words and a video is worth about seven million characters (approximately).

*No aquatic creatures were harmed in the creation of this article