a little bit about SCALEUP WORKS

Introducing our revolutionary new services. We are re-writing the rules on behalf of our clients for growing companies overseas.  



          opening up new horizons..

    enabling the next stage of growth...


ScaleUp Works are a team of experts that have come from many different commercial backgrounds.  We have opened, enabled and expanded companies overseas. We've worked with Accelerators, Incubators, and Venture Builders and seen what works and what doesn't.   We're International door openers, accelerators and fixers for startups, scaleup and SME's.    We're taking the risk out of expanding to foreign markets and don't just ensure the new outpost survives, we ensure it thrives. 

As a company we are pleased to be able to say that we have a serious level of experience.  We are also very privileged to have some high profile partners, we choose to work with the best to deliver the best for our clients.

What We Do:

international Growth

Our flagship international programme provides a startup, scaleup or SME business all the tools to scaleup overseas. From setting up an international outpost, to scaling it, we will not only equip the company and founders for the journey, but accelerate the growth process and ensure that there is significantly less risk undertaken by the company than if they were to not work with us. We provide measurably accelerated growth and tangible results. 

Investor Ready


When you are confident that investment is the most effective way to grow your business, we will ensure that you approach the right investors and, as a founder, are equipped to win investment and will give yourself the best possible chance of this.  We will ensure the business is presented in the most effective manner. We will then introduce you to our network of investors. 


We prepare future entrepreneurs and equip them for their international journey and we prepare international founders who have opened offices overseas for the next intense phase of growth by giving them the tools required.

Meet the FOUnDERS


Michael Walker

Michael is a specialist in business growth. Michael has specialised in people and operations and is an expert at structuring and management.  Previously Head of People and Ops and adviser to international companies, Michael is considered an expert in getting the best out of teams and has experience as a startup founder. 

James Davies

Specialist in business growth (through board level appointments and strategy). James is an entrepreneur and Founder of an Executive Search challenger brand, Charity Treasurer for London Young Enterprise and is a Non-Executive Director to a Brazilian Tech Company and a Swiss startup. James's passion is growing businesses to scale. James is also a qualified lawyer and pilot.