Thursday 16th February, 2017

ScaleUp Works: Validating Your Minimum Viable Product

Another massive thanks for Adam Goodall of Monizo and Larry Kotch of BrainBroker for rounding of the 2 part MVP series in style.

They looked at: how to validate your assumptions and assess if your product or service is truly scalable. How do you know if you need to tweak, iterate or straight up pivot? They explored the key indicators of success from feedback to performance metrics.


  • How to validate
  • KPI's
  • Who's opinion matters
  • What does success look like
  • Iterating or pivoting

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Building Your Minimum Viable product

Huge thanks to our speakers Adam Goodall from Monizo and Larry Kotch from Brainbroker for sharing their insights on building an MVP. 

They explored: 

  • What is an MVP?

  • The role of Co Founders in building an MV

  • How to build an efficient MVP

  • When do you know it’s ready

  • And introduced the concept of the Minimum Loveable Product

And thanks to everyone for joining us on the evening. A very sucessful night and plenty more to come in future. 

Download the presentation here!

scaling your startup after investment

After securing investment, startup leaders have a number of difficult questions to answer. Do we need more staff? If so, in which areas? How are we going to organise the business? How much do we need to invest in product development?

With so many variables it can easily become overwhelming and lead to overspending. To continue to grow your business and to secure further investment you need to strike the right balance between spending and performance.

We spoke about the roles of the leadership team, devolving responsibility to senior managers, organisational structure, purposeful hiring and strategic use of freelancers.

The Talk included discussions on:

  • The role of the startup leadership team
  • Devolving responsibilities to senior managers
  • Organisational structure: strategic use of freelancers
  • Roles & responsibilities
  • Hiring with purpose & development planning
  • Using products to maximise productivity

How to attract top talent to your business

At this event we looked at emerging ways to captivate, engage and inspire applicants to want to work for you (and tell all of their friends about you!).

We shared some practical tips, insights and tools to help:

  • Increase candidate engagement, volume & quality of applicants

  • Decrease time to hire & cost per hire

  • Get more referrals

  • Attract, engage and select quality freelancers

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Building a lean workforce

Today's HR function is under considerable pressure to do more with less. Millennials are interested in more flexible working arrangements and the pace of technological change warrants new approaches to talent management and team structure..

We discussed this new model for building teams through a practical and recent case study, followed up with a Q&A with expert HR specialists who have varied experience building teams in the 21st century.

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Positioning Your Employer Brand (The Right Way..)

Understanding your employer brand and how to put it on display is key to both retention and hiring strategies. 

In this talk we helped our audiences to understand their employer brand and it's place in their marketing strategy, how to capitalise on a strong employer brand, building their team & planning your hiring campaigns.

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